About Us

Faravari Darooi Gelatin Halal (FDGH), founded in 1999, is the first manufacturer of halal gelatin for human consumption in Iran. We produce several varieties of halal gelatin with different grades and bloom index suitable for a wide range of applications in food, pharmaceutical and industrial products.

At FDGH, Gelatin is obtained from Islamic slaughtered healthy bovine bone through alkali-hydrolysis treatment using modern and high technology installations and according to the international standards for quality management system. We adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures and regulations that governs all stages of gelatin manufacture, from raw materials right up to delivery of the final product including origin, transport and storage of raw materials, manufacturing conditions including physical and chemical processing parameters and microbiological requirements, as well as packaging, storage and transport.

FDGH factory is located in Alborz industrial City of Qazvin in Iran.