What is gelatin? :

Gelatin is a substantially pure protein (85-92%) food ingredient derived from collagen, an insoluble fibrous protein which is the principal constituent of connective tissues and bones. Gelatin is a translucent, colourless, brittle, and nearly tasteless solid substance produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from namely pork skins and cattle bones and cattle hide. An improtant criterion for determining the quality of gelatin is the bloom value (gel strength), which is generally betweem 50 amd 300. The higher the bloom value, the higher the jelly strength of the gelatin.

Gelatin is distinctive in that it is readily digested and is composed of 18 amino acids (9 of which are essential amino acids). Gelatin contains no tryptophan and is deficient in methionine.

Due to its unique functionalities and valuable properties, gelatin is used in a wide array of applications, many of which go un-noticeable. Gelatin is compatible with a broad variety of foods and ingredients and is used extensively in many industrial fields, most typically in edible/foods, pharmaceutical, photographic and technical products. Some of gelatin’s significant properties include gelling, foaming, adhesive, emulsifying, stabilizing, thickening protective colloidal, clarifying, binding, Texturising, crystallization control, and film forming properties.

Main raw material :

Gelatin is produced from two main sources of raw material, namely skin and bone. The currently commercially available raw materials used in gelatin production around the world are pork skins and non-halal (non-Islamic slaughtered) cattle bones and hides. At FDGH we use only Islamic slaughtered healthy bovine bone fit for human consumption, approved by veterinary authorities and guaranteed by full documentation. This means that all our raw materials are subject to continuous, rigorous checks on safety and origin as well as regular audits performed by the competent authorities all along the production process. We adhere to internationally applicable standards for selection of the raw materials and production process to ensure the quality of our gelatin. At our factory a complex manufacturing process begins with removing SRM (Skull and spinal cord), fat and any residual flesh adhering to the bone and then crushed into bone chips which is then dried and demineralised, leaving the actual starting material for manufacturing gelatin, known as ossein.